Anastasia "Anya" Pandeils
Anya Pandeils
Gender Female
Age 14
Birthdate December 1, 2005
Nationality Australian
Hometown Sydney, Australia
Height 5'5"
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
School Grade 8th Grade
Professional Information
Profession Dancer
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Dance Studios Ascendance Academy
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Friends and Family
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Friends Lily Degan
Kiara Murray
Keira Fehay
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Anastasia "Anya" Pandeils (born on December 1, 2005 in Sydney, Australia) is a dancer from Sydney, Australia who trains at Ascendance Academy.



Year Dance Name Dance Style Other Dancers
2015 Work Hip Hop
2017 Werk Hip Hop Keira Fehay
Gracie Keiso
Jess McCarthy
& other dancers
2018 Symphony Jazz Gracie Keiso
Jess McCarthy
Indi Murray
& other dancers
Spring Ballet
2019 Welcome to the Circus Arco
Cosmic Love Lyrical
Level Up Hip Hop
Celebration Jazz

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