Elliana "Ellie" Quiner
Elliana Quiner
Gender Female
Age 10
Birthdate November 8, 2009
Nationality American
Hometown New Jersey
Height around 4' 6"
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
School Grade 3
Professional Information
Profession Dancer
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Dance Studios ABT JKO School and Hunterdonhills Ballet
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Friends and Family
Parents Krista Quiner (mother)
Siblings Jillian Quiner (older sister)
Michelle Quiner (older sister)
Savannah Quiner (older sister)
Rachel Quiner (older sister)
Caroline Quiner (older sister)
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Elliana "Ellie" Quiner (born on November 8, 2009) is a young dancer from New Jersey. She is one of six dancing sisters known as the Quiner sisters: Jillian, Michelle, Savannah, Rachel, Caroline and Ellie. Elliana dances at the ABT JKO School. She appeared in there production, Whipped Cream, as a cupcake at Lincoln Center last year. According to @quiner_sisters she will be in Sleeping Beauty and Halrlequinade in the spring.



Year Dance Name Dance Style Competition Place Awards
2018 Soar Contemporary StarQuest (East Brunswick) 2nd in Petite Solos



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