Esmé Chou
Esmé Chou
Gender Female
Age 9
Birthdate November 24, 2010
Nationality Asian-American
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Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
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Professional Information
Profession Dancer
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Dance Studios The Company
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Friends and Family
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Siblings Tegan Chou (sister)
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Esmé Chou (born on November 24, 2010) is a young dancer who trains at the Company. Her sister Tegan is also a dancer.



Year Dance Name Dance Style Choreographer Competition Place Awards
2018 White Clouds Contemporary 24/7 (Los Angeles) 1st in Mini Solos
24/7 (San Diego)
Radix (Anaheim) 1st in Mini Solos
NUVO (Anaheim) 2nd in Mini Solos
2019 Stardust Contemporary Shai Rosen 24/7 (San Diego)
24/7 (Reno) 2nd in Mini Solos
Radix (Anaheim) 9th in Mini Solos
Radix Nationals (Las Vegas)
NUVO (Albuquerque) 1st in Mini Solos
Jump (Houston)
The Dance Awards (Las Vegas)
2020 Chrysalis Contemporary Terin Christopher NUVO (Anchorage) 3rd in Mini Solos



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