Madison Ortega
Madison Ortega
Gender Female
Age 11
Birthdate March 18, 2008
Nationality Latina American
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Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
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Professional Information
Profession Dancer
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Dance Studios Yorba Linda Academy of Ballet
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Friends and Family
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Siblings Kaitlyn Ortega
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Nicknames Madi
Madison Ortega (born on March 18, 2008) is a young ballet dancer who trains at the Yorba Linda Academy of Ballet. Her older sister Kaitlyn, also trains at the school.

Madison once did a commercial for Welch's grape juice.



Year Dance Name Dance Style Choreographer Competition Place Awards
2017 One Way Contemporary Ricky Royal Radix
Countdown 1st in Mini Solos
2018 Cry Lyrical 24/7 (San Diego) 6th in Mini Solos
Radix (Anaheim) 8th in Mini Solos
NUVO (Anaheim)
Freddy Musical Theatre Molly Long Radix (Anaheim) 2nd in Mini Solos
2019 Breath Contemporary Alexa Moffett NUVO (Long Beach) 5th in Mini Solos
24/7 (Los Angeles) 2nd in Mini Solos


Year Dance Name Dance Style Choreographer Other Dancers Competition Place Awards
2017 beTALL Contemporary Ricky Royal Bella Galarze
Gia Franzoni
Kaitlyn Ortega
Countdown 3rd in Junior Small Groups
2018 Angel Down Contemporary Malia Asahino Jaila Cruz
Bella Galarze
Kaitlyn Ortega
Gia Franzoni
Radix (Anaheim)
2019 Wanted Lyrical Alexa Moffett Jamieson Deacy
Laci Stoico
Madison Ortega
Regan Gerena
Gracyn French
24/7 (Los Angeles) 2nd in Mini Groups

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